Week 2

Hello Everyone!

Grade 2 started their very first Unit of Inquiry this week based on ‘Who We Are’. We have been doing activities to find out more about how understanding and developing our knowledge of social and cultural behaviours (mainly non-verbal communication) helps us to communicate to others. Please find the UoI overview below with some information about the unit and some ideas of what parents can do at home to help their child.



Language Arts

An activity the class did this week was the Morning Session message. Each student had a turn at finding spelling, punctuation and other grammatical errors in the text to correct. We used a coloured Smartboard  pen to add the students’ editing and later did a whole class edit using another pen. This activity to all learn the same editing system as well as develop their writing skills.

The class was introduced to the word study book earlier in the week. We call it word study because it involves activities other than spelling. For example, some students may need to practice how to use words in present or past tense, or need to consolidate his or her understanding of ‘I’ or ‘me’ in the sentence structure. Over time we will use a variety of word study and spelling techniques. The students also have a spelling test at the end of the week.

Finally in Language Arts, the class was introduced to their first text form of the year: prose. We first looked at a variety of text forms to help us distinguish which text form was a story. We discussed what the students already knew about stories and other forms of prose. Next we took a short story and analysed the text organisation and language features of the text. We will continue to do lessons and activities on story elements in the coming weeks.


Morning Message on the Smartboard – helps develop spelling, grammar usage and revising and editing skills



Recount writing – adding words to our ‘Have-a-go’ spelling books



Word study activities





Story time class reading



Pre-writing assessment – sorting out different text forms



Word study – developing our bank of word study activities



Prose writing – analysing the text organisation and language features of a story



Some of the math activities are conducted in the morning sessions. We do time measurement with days, weeks and months and this week we also did analogue clock activities based on O’clock and half past. We did measurement of length for one of our activities. The students were asked to estimate how many handkerchief lengths were needed to measure the boards. We then did estimates and measurements using our hands in the classroom. We did place value activities working in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s using the number chart, pen and paper and computer tasks, and we also used thinkboards to represent basic addition facts in various ways.


Place Value – students choosing to count on using the same number pattern





Measurement – O’clock, A.M., P.M. and half past with an analogue clock



Thinkboards to display our thinking of addition problems





Measurement Inquiry – ‘How many handkerchief lengths do we need to measure our class boards?’



Measurement – estimating and then measuring with arbitrary units (our hands!)



Place value activities using Mathsonline




This week the students did a ‘tuning in’ activity for our ‘Who We Are’ UoI. We looked at a variety of pictures that represented non-verbal communication in different scenarios and from different cultures. After a class discussion we then went through the main features of the unit and completed an ‘I see, I think, I wonder’ sheet. We have also started finding out more about non-verbal usage and we have been adding our understandings to the class ‘Graffiti Wall’.


The class (including the teachers) signing the class agreement




Who We Are – Tuning in to our new unit



Who We Are – the class discussing what they think the UoI is all about



Who We Are – an information session on the UoI and summative assessment



Who We Are – the class adding their current knowledge of nonverbal communication to the class ‘Graffiti Wall’


Indonesia Independence Day School Activities

On Friday, the elementary students did a variety of activities on the school’s field as part of the Indonesian Independence Day festivities. It was also great to see many of the parents on the field in support of the school and having some fun along the way. Below are a few pictures of the events.

Unity_IndependenceDay_1 Unity_IndependenceDay_2 Unity_IndependenceDay_3 Unity_IndependenceDay_4 Unity_IndependenceDay_5 Unity_IndependenceDay_6
























Week 1

Welcome everyone to the Grade 2 blog! On these posts Grade 2 will be sharing activities the students have done over the week and we will also write now and again some information to help inform you of the Grade 2 program. Grade 2 would like to thank you (Grade 2 parents, students, people in the BIS community and other people connected to the students) in advance for your support of the Grade 2 program this year and we hope the students have many enjoyable learning experiences!

First Week Back at School

The Grade 2 students have settled quite quickly into some of the school and class routines. We have done some activities to learn more about the school’s facilities and places the students are allowed to go while some of the building constructions take place. Over the week we did a ‘Grade 2 Scavenger Hunt’ to find out extra details about the school’s facilities and we met with some familiar and new faces at school. We also did activities to learn more about the Grade 2 learning environment. We created our own Grade 2 IB Learner Profile, discussed what we wanted for a class agreement and organised who would take care of certain class jobs over the week. Setting up the class learning environment takes some time so Grade 2 will continue to do activities over the school year to help students work together, share ideas constructively, take turns and generally aim to be a positive learner.


Grade 2 has also been doing activities so that the Grade 2 teaching team can get to know the students a little better. We have been playing a few ‘Getting to know you’ games and the students also made an ‘All About Me’ t-shirt.

Next week, Grade 2 will be starting their first Unit of Inquiry for the school year. Stay tuned for more details in the coming post.


‘Getting to Know You’ Activities – making up new names from our own details






Grade 2 Scavenger Hunt – ‘Who do we ask when we need to call our parents?’



Grade 2 Scavenger Hunt – a visit to the school’s clinic



Reading time



Language Arts – Crocodile game to practise using words in oral sentences



Math – Activities to help us learn ordinal numbers



Learner Profile – thinking about how Grade 2 defines some of the traits needed to be an active learner



Math – Finding ways to represent a number



Grade 2 going through the process of creating a class agreement (we came up with too many rules!)



Mental break: ‘Can you find a way to have more than 7 body parts touch the floor?’



Language Arts – Students choosing what they would like to write about on their own



Illustrating our new class agreement with our 5 top responsibilities



Reading time



‘All About Me’ t-shirts



‘All About Me’ t-shirts